Universe Design
We have created a cloud-based platform, Universe Design  (Open Universe Design), to support the labor-intensive facade design and modeling process. 
  1. Quickly design optimized facade layouts using our simple yet powerful parametric engine
  2. Download this as a customized, light-weight Revit object to use in your model
  3. Upload a Revit model to receive instantaneous budget pricing and material optimizations for the various attachment system options.
Powered by the same software our facade specialists use, Universe Design helps designers choose the optimal Universe facade solution while optimizing the facade material usage.

1) Pattern Creation

Intuitive, quick, optimized parametric pattern creation.

See instant changes when you adjust a paramter and calculate the material optimization for your customized layout.

Apply colors to your pattern with a single click

Need help getting started? Choose from our library of designs

2) Download your Revit Object

Meet the best modeling standards by downloading your customized object


3) Have a Revit model and want budget pricing?

Simply, upload your Revit model and run the calculation to see this informative dashboard along with a Facade Material Optimization Visualization. 

Instantly see budget costs and potential optimized costs for concealed and exposed systems:

Visualize how your panels optimize:

Understand where your panels are too large or waste cause a lot of waste. 

Interested in learning the best way to model our facades in Revit?

Download our files/Universe_Revit_Modeling_Guide.pdf

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